Top Ten For 2011 Cover Magazine

1. LadySunFire Erin Feb. Finalist Cover Girl

2. Janet Brink Feb. Finalist Cover Girl

3. LATOURI BLACKHEART Feb. Finalist Cover Girl

4. SWEEPEA resident Feb. Finalist Cover Girl

5.Lei Hanfoi Feb. Finalist Cover Girl

6. SXYCHANEL Feb. Finalist Cover Girl

7. asterianna shoreland Feb. Finalist CoverGirl

8.Rhea Rinq Feb. Finalist for Cover Girl

9. Cheryl Cadell Feb. Finalist for Cover Girl

10. Lilmama Artis Feb. Finalist for Cover Girl

The components of the photographs that we will looked for judging are as follows:
You photos should be - 512x512 photo(s) for judging.
-Photo composition
-Artistic quality
-Model style wearing the selected outfit, remember we will select you on how you will style the outfit, and this outfit will be on sale to our venue.
Winner will Win the Following:
---Will win 3000 lindens
---Be our cover Magaz and video for our next issue.
---Will be photograph by our in house photographer

Modesl For Hire

Model For Hire Flora Stipe

Model For Hire KiraLyn Destiny

Model For Hire Nickle Sparrowtree

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